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Hey CELTA ATL 2018! Now that the course is at the halfway mark, I wanted to start a discussion on how we feel we have progressed in this short time, and get the dialogue moving on how CELTA certification will help us achieve our teaching or professional goals; a mission statement.

I created this discussion group, so I’ll start;

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I created this discussion group, so I’ll start;

To teach abroad, many schools universally prioritize a few things;

Are you a native speaker of English?

Is English your first language or second?

Is English your country’s native language?

Do you have a bachelors degree from the US, or another English speaking language?

Is your accent easily understood?

Are you from the US, or elsewhere?

How will your employment increase the profitability and prestige of the private school or teaching house?

Will you bring more business (new students)?

and, of course; (overqualified, or under-qualified or without certification) Do you have certification in TEFL/CELTA, a PhD, etc...,

Unfortunately, many schools will recognize the CELTA applicants immediately, because it is the next best thing to a master’s degree or a phD;

Depending on where in the world or online you decide to apply and send your resume, CELTA certification is well known. It gives you an edge to negotiate salary, and it allows the teacher the ability to teach under better conditions than those who are without. Schools looking to exploit labor will be likely to skip you, and hire the one without the post education.

Why is CELTA important?

It gives you the ability to increase your value as a teacher. You can apply to public and legitimate schools in Asia, as more likely to be hired. I saw CELTA/TEFL students in Asia with certification generally better paid and treated more fairly; paid time off, less rigid hours, more associated benefits, freedom to apply with a self-representing work visa. (If a school is abusing you due in part by the lack of post-graduate qualifications, you have the ability to take your teaching elsewhere!)

Celta/TEFL gives you freedom, power, and independence to teach abroad with freedom, and it increases your value as an individual within the field of TEFL.

CELTA/TEFL creates a great foundation to be an effective and skilled English Teacher, by learning the skills and tools to grow as a teacher of English. It sets the bar very high, and is a great program. Although the program is hard, I am improving my skillset.

In short, CELTA gives an English foreign language teacher an edge, so they can go after the good schools that treat their employees with respect, as respect is harder to earn without the certification, and can leave you vulnerable to the whims of a tyrant school administrator with a tight hand on your work visa.

When I pass this course, I’m going to take the skills I’ve learned, to teach online from a home office. In the future, I can consider teaching from an office in whichever country I want, or on a beach in Thailand, hypothetically..but “nothing worthwhile is ever easy,” and there will always be those individuals in life who will stand between you and your goals and passions.

My passion is to teach, and it is through my students I’ve found great joy and personal fulfillment, because it is what I enjoy; so it follows, that I pursue my career with certification.
It has also been my experience that certain administrative tyrants will stand in the way of your dreams and seek to destroy those dreams; in my experience, a fair sallary at a school that will see my value as a teacher and not a dollar sign $$$.

Less competition in the English teaching market and the ability to have choice to teach on individual terms as a free agent in a foreign country, is an extremely valuable position to achieve, indeed!

Good luck and “Nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy, so don't let anything or anyone discourage you from achieving your career goals, “if” you are lucky enough to realize what you enjoy, in our brief stint on this planet. However, like every career aspiration, there is a business element, and teaching abroad or TEFL is generally a machine driven first and foremost by profit, so keep this in mind when you commit to a school, and ALWAYS read the small print!
This would make an interesting context for a lesson related to linguistic issues issues!


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