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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share some useful links here that may help in your job search.

Social networking sites as these could lead to jobs as well.

  • linkedin
  • facebook
  • Craigslist
  • Meetup

These may be good ways of finding work or getting some ideas.
Best Wishes,

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Does anyone know or has ever used this website:

We must pay a $40 fee and they promise to help us for "a lifetime". I found pretty nice posts but I'm concerned...

Has anyone paid to find a job?

Happy New Year to all!

Glad someone else was thinking the same thing! I agree, their posts seem very inviting, but I'm a bit weary of paying. Interested to hear if anyone else has an opinion.

In my 5 years experience working with different recruiters and companies, I have never paid a penny for any service. I think you need to use extreme caution when using a recruiting agency that asks for any money for their services.

With so many recruiters and hiring agencies around the world I would never pay for a job placement in the ESL industry.

Best of luck to everyone looking for work. It's out there, trust me. It may take a bit of time, but as long as your flexible and patient you will get a job in English Education.

Thanks Mike!
I totally agree with you, plus you've just said what I needed to hear from someone!

Hi Karen,
I wanted to use it but couldn't b/c I'm 59 and too old for recruiters. What I did use and had fabulous luck is the hiring campaign with for $39. It's a fabulous resource for older teachers. In fact, teachermexconnect referred me to them when I emailed them about my age concern. You pick 3-10 countries and they send your resume to every school in their database for those countries. I chose Mexico and countries in Central and South America. My resume was sent to 300 schools and I was inundated with emails that ranged from an immediate offer, to requesting an interview, to their not having any positions. I spent a week having lots of interviews via Skype, which resulted in multiple job offers, one of which I picked. The beauty of this is that the campaign is guaranteed. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:

Good luck! Cathy

Mike. This is really useful! Thanks for posting it!!


Language Embassy is hiring native English teachers. To work in College, High school, preschool, elementary. We offer: Fixed salary, fixed schedule, a stable job while you are in Colombia in South America and a visa sponsorship if needed. Please send us your CV and cover letter to / Tel: +57-3144269965 / Skype: consultant824 /


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