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Hi everybody,

As you know, the first TeachingHouse's aim is to offer to his students the best service ever. From our point of view, we can't succeed without a strong comprehension of your wishes.

In this way, we open this topic to know your state of mind about the Teaching House community website and to know if you have any advice that you want to share with us!

Have a good thanksgiving,


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Hey everybody,

We have cleaned the forum of spam and we are still waiting for some reviews!



I know this is more than a year after this post was created but I will answer in hopes it can help the website.
I think the website is a great idea with its mission to keep fellow CELTA grads and ELT's together. However, I dont think the site is user-friendly.

I know if there were constant up-to-date job postings and up-to-date school directories then I'm sure more people would come to the site. Also, the home page is uninviting. Maybe a feed from a Journal or Association with up-to-date topics posted so people could read them as soon as they log on would guide people to other pages on the site and keep them here longer.

There should be a chat function.

The template while not horrific, could be a bit more aesthetically pleasing. I know the main site is inviting and full of information and while it attracted us to enroll with the company, it would be awesome and lead to more word of mouth referrals if the post completion Teaching House was as good as the pre-enrollment Teaching House.

I have received great assistance from everyone with whom I've come into contact with who works for Teaching House, I just think it would be great if the online representation reflected that.

Maybe more resources that could help new teachers or a resource share section where teachers would be willing to share with others. (similar to

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions... beltalove27 @

Hello Alban,

I have a suggestion or two for the school directory. First, I have been having trouble accessing it lately. It simply won't load, regardless or what computer or browser I'm using. Second, I think the search feature could be greatly improved. (I'll have more specific suggestions for that when I can access the directory again.)

With thanks,

Katy Balma


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