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I recently received a job offer from this company to work as an online workshop leader and English conversation facilitator. Their interaction and website look legitimate, but I can't find any additional company information online. They are listed as based in Manhattan. Does anyone have ideas on how to check up on an online company like this? Is anyone familiar with this company?

Thank you!

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Hi Lesley, I see this company is advertising now on Craiglist and yes, info seems very sparse. Did you ever learn anything about them? Cheers

I didn't feel like I got satisfactory information. It was very difficult to get anyone from the company on the phone to talk live. I traded a number of phone calls, but did not feel comfortable. They sent me a tax information form without ever speaking or meeting wth me. I wasn't comfortable so I did not pursue them any more.

If anyone has a different experience, I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for the info. The whole thing does seem very shady. A website with almost no info on it, no info on their classes or program anywhere on the web, $30-$45/hr "no experience necessary". Mmm. I guess when something is too good to be true, it is! Thanks for the heads up!

They are legit. I started working from the last month. They are a start-up company, that's why there is not much information about them. They did previously advertise conversation classes as "no experience necessary" to gain interest, but the pay for that is $10 an hour and they do require ESL and foreign language teachers to have teaching experience and/or credentials.

I'm writing this response because I want to clear up any confusion, they are very nice people, and the company is looking to expand with more teachers as well as more students (more students= more work for everyone which helps me too!).


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