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Hello everyone,

If anyone is interested in teaching in China, Teaching Nomad helps both professional (licensed/QTS) and ESL teachers find jobs all over the country.

Teaching Nomad was founded in March 2011 on the basis of connecting great teachers with great schools in China. After moving to Shanghai, our founder, Brett, discovered a need to fill the gap between these two groups. A school’s reputation relies on its teachers. The teachers must trust their school as they brave moving to a new country. Neither group wants to be let down, but unfortunately many people were being let down. Teaching Nomad has been designed to be a cut above other recruiters, to provide a trustworthy source of great jobs for teachers as well as a time and cost saving tool for schools.

Teaching Nomad is here to take all the guesswork out of the equation, make everyone’s job a little bit easier and ensure that no one has to go it alone. The Teaching Nomad staff, many who are expats already living in China have experienced first-hand the positive impact that exploring the globe has on an individual. We see Teaching Nomad as our way of giving back and helping others to have great experiences teaching overseas!
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Sounds great. I'm going check this site out. I'm looking to go oversees really soon after my 30 days in Italy volunteering.



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