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SRT Example

Hi everyone, Here is a skeleton example of a SRT assignment that my fabulous colleague Lizzy put together. It should give you an idea of how to structure it and the sort of rationale you need to provide for the choice of text and the tasks you've designed.
A few tips:
1) Make sure you provide justification for your choice of text in terms of language level and interest for your learners. Put a copy of the text, or a transcript if it's a listening, in the appendices.
2) Describe the tasks for the lead-in, receptive skills and productive skills in the body of the assignment then put the actual worksheets that the learners would use as an appendix to your assignment. Make sure the tasks really genuinely do match the specified sub-skills.
3) In the example, I've blanked out the references so you will need to do the background reading and include your own references. When you reference your sources, please put the author's last name, the year the source was published and the page number in the body of the assignment. Then in the bibliography, follow the format in the assignment.
4) The lesson plan should just be a skeleton procedure page summarising the tasks you have described in your assignment.
Let Bobby or me know if there are any questions!
Good luck!


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