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Hi Guys,
I just noticed that when I went to fill in my student responses most of them were already filled in and that some of these were quite different to the responses I received. I tried to include both responses by re-typing the previous person's entry then adding mine. Hope it all makes sense...


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I don't think that's surprising. Answers might change based on how we phrase the questions and the Ss' understanding of them. For example, when I interviewed Anna, it was really hard to get a straight answer, and I had to more or less guess at what she was getting at. In the end, she said, "I think I confused you." I responded, "I think we confused each other."

Hopefully, we'll get a chance to discuss the issue. If not, I'd say you're best off going with the responses you received (as well as responses to other categories provided by members of the Tuesday/Thursday trainee group maybe).

I hope I didn't mess things up. I quoted from recorded conversations to support the statements and may have amended some statements based on those recordings. I'm so sorry.



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