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Hello All,

Here is the 1st draft of the checklist that was developed by your group members at the end of last week. I think it's an excellent summary of everything we discussed about test-teach-test lessons. 

Lesson Planning Checklist

Please take a look at the checklist and provide some feedback using the comment function. Let's discuss how we can replicate this for the remaining lesson types (before TPs 7-8 if possible). This way you will be able to reference them during the "less guided planning" stage.

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Hey guys, I shared our Google Site with you by email so that you can edit it and add things you might find interesting. You can create new sessions, change them, add pages and content, however you prefer.
Here is our website address so that we can share with others:

Hello. I was asked to post the following: A useful reference for lesson planning (also found in the list of references in the pre-course task) is Teach EFL, The complete Guide by David Riddell of International House, London.


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